The Honda Miimo is the acclaimed Japanese manufacturer’s first commercial robotic mower for homeowner-use and is the type of machine that those in the know think will come to dominate the lawn-care market over the coming years. It requires minimal human interaction once set-up, so you’ll be able to relax or get-on with more rewarding tasks; and it can be programmed to cut little and often, which will reduce stress on the grass, in turn encouraging thick, healthy growth. The Honda Miimo HRM500 is a mulching-mower, which means the turf will be well nourished with no unsightly clippings left on the lawn. It utilises the latest lithium-ion battery technology for rapid charge times and increased cutting-capacity; and it’s fitted with three ‘bump’ sensors that will see the mower turn away from any solid object it might come into contact with. There’s also a built-in fan that pulls every blade of grass towards the blades for an exceptionally neat finish.


    • Honda: ‘The ultimate time- and labour-saving device’
    • Can be programmed to cut your lawn daily with almost no human interaction
    • Will allow you to make the most of your spare time during the growing season
    • Three operational modes for flexibility-of-use: directional; random; mixed
    • Powerful lithium-ion battery is quick-charging and very long-lasting
    • Self-charging – automatically returns to base when the battery’s low
    • Flexible blades will bend rather than break on impact
    • ‘Bump’ sensors will guide the mower away from solid objects
    • Three heights-of-cut means you can adapt to the time of year and your preferred finish
    • Mulches grass-clippings, so they won’t be visible on the lawn surface
    • Mulching helps retain moisture, and also provides natural nourishment
    • Lift sensors deactivate the machine should it be picked-up
    • Will only reactivate when a pin-code is entered, so theft would be pointless
    • ‘YAW’ sensor for a superior cut when operating on inclines (up to 24°)
    • Suitable for lawns up to 3000-square-metres

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