AS1 Seeder

    AS1 Seeder 2

    A breath of fresh air in the world of pneumatic Seed-Drills!
    Thanks to their experience acquired in the field, Alpego present new state-of-the-art equipment : the Airspeed AS1 and AS4.
    Combined with the Alpego soil-working machines, they become the ideal instrument for drilling and fertilizing the soil.


    AS1 Seeder 01 01 AS1 Seeder 01 02



    AS1 Seeder vers 1 AS1 Seeder vers 2 AS1 Seeder vers 3


    AS1 Seeder 02 01
    BROADCASTING sowing concept :
    • Reduced overall rear dimensions and weights;
    • User friendly;
    • Optimal and uniform distribution in every condition;
    • Can be installed in every Alpego seed-drill.


    1. Big hopper (1400 liters)
    2. Forward position of the center of gravity
    3. Centrally positioned volumetric metering unit for small and normal seeds
    4. Esternal distribution head
    5. Quick linkage of the seeding bar to the roller
    6. Unique sowing depth control system
    7. Centrally positioned seeding wheel
    8. Two rows of coulters on silent blocks 


    AS1 Seeder char 1 AS1 Seeder char 2 AS1 Seeder char 3 AS1 Seeder char 4
    Multifunction computer for STANDARD version Multifunction computer for PLUS version Multifunction computer for SUPER-PLUS version Multifunction computer for ISO version


    AS1 Seeder 03 01
    Seeding Bar
    AS1 Seeder 04 01 AS1 Seeder 04 02
    Volumetric metering unit DOSAL
    Highest use fl exibility of the volumetric metering unit: suitable for small and large seeds and fertilizer (from 1.8 to 350 kg/ hectare) with a few simple adjustments.
    Built in wear-resistant stainless-steel materials for maximum reliability.
    Suited also for processed seeds or fertilizers.


    AS1 Seeder tech 1mod. AS1 Seeder tech 2mm AS1 Seeder tech 3mm AS1 Seeder tech 4(n°) AS1 Seeder tech 5mm
    Airspeed AS1-300 3000 3000 24 125
    Airspeed AS1-350 3500 3500 28 125
    Airspeed AS1-400 4000 4000 32 125



    AS1 Seeder opt 1 AS1 Seeder opt 2 AS1 Seeder opt 3 AS1 Seeder opt 4
    Pre-sprouting hydraulic discs Seed covering harrow Hydraulic row marker Depth control rubber wheel
    AS1 Seeder opt 5 AS1 Seeder opt 6 AS1 Seeder opt 7 AS1 Seeder opt 8
    Hopper extension 1,800 liters Hydraulic cut-off of the seeding bar APD - Electronic device for the reduced-width seed drilling Tram-lines (standard for Plus and Super Plus versions



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