The Kubota Loader is built specifically for the Kubota Tractor at its own manufacturing facility in the United States. It is filled with such features as:

    • Hydraulic self levelling;
    • Third Function Valve; and
    • Kubota Shockless ride;
    • All of which can be switched on and off to aid the end user in a variety of tasks.

    Hydraulic Self-Leveling Valve
    This optional feature allows the operator to raise or lower the loader boom without changing the angle of the bucket. This will help prevent spills when carrying soil or sand and will make pallet handling smooth and easy.

    Kubota Shockless Ride (KSR)
    The KSR helps to minimize fatigue by "smoothing out" the ride of the tractor. This feature is particularly useful when your tasks include a lot of tight turns or lifting and dumping of heavy loads. It makes handling round bales far less jarring.

    Single-Lever Hydraulic Quick Coupler
    The optional quick coupler allows the operator the ability to attach all four hoses at once. This makes attaching and detaching quick and easy, even when you’re doing it often.

    3rd Function Valve
    The optional 3rd function valve broadens the scope of the front loader operation by enabling the use of a grapple bucket and various other hydraulically controlled attachments. The 3rd function valve can be activated with buttons located on the grip of the joystick.

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