M60 Series

    Optimal performance, easy operation
    The M60 Series tractors deliver optimal performance and easy operation featuring the latest CRS engine technology that offer maximum power and torque with low emissions and greater fuel economy plus a host of advanced features for easier operation and greater efficiency.

    Powered by the latest engine technology from Kubota, Euro stage IIIB emission compliant, 4 cylinder C-CDIS (centre direct injection system) engine, the M60 series tractors will appeal to the farmer, amenity professional and contractor alike.
    Boasting advanced fully synchronised transmission and PTO technology, a range of new features as standard and high performance hydraulics, the M60 Series is an exceptional new high performance range, built on proven technology.
    The M60's new dashboard layout, with digital LED panel, provides vital information about your tractors performance and the sleek slanted one piece bonnet promotes easy access for simplicity of maintenance.
    With a reputation for service delivery that is second to none, our dealers are always on hand to ensure you keep your Kubota in first class working order.
    Delivering unrivalled productivity and manoeuvrability, the M60 Series is equipped with a Hydraulic Shuttle for smooth progressive take up of the drive and responsive, clutchless directional changes, ideal for front loader work in particular. With a maximum speed of 40kph and Creep Speed as standard on all M60 Series models, there is no doubt that Kubota has the right speed for the job.
    Work Cruise function maintains consistent RPM control with a push of a button regardless of the load or PTO work.
    Electro-hydraulically operated 4WD, and hydraulic wet type disc brakes are fitted across the range for high performance braking efficiency and durability. Front Limited slip/rear hydraulic differential helps maintain reliable traction and a bevel gear front axle enables tight turns and greater manoeuvrability.
    The M60 Series' high performance, low emission engines certainly live up to Kubota's reputation for efficiency by delivering unrivalled fuel economy, and minimising noise and vibration levels. This excellent fuel economy is matched with a 90/110 Litre capacity fuel tank enabling you to undertake many hours of work without refuelling. Kubota’s ECO 40K Overdrive function keeps the engine revolutions 20% lower than rated speed, when travelling in H6 gear (40K) for greater fuel economy and less engine noise and wear.
    The M60 Series offers a spacious operating platform. All levers, including an Integral loader joystick and finger-touch hand throttle lever, are conveniently located for ease of access and simplicity of operation whilst the fully suspended seat, tiltable steering column and Air Conditioning (fitted as standard on all cab models) provide comfort and reduce fatigue. Visibility is improved all round by a curved upper windshield, and the cab's rounded glass.
    The independent PTO can be changed from 540 to 1000 rpm, and the hydraulic system on the M60 tractors mean that a host of implements can be handled easily. 2 auxiliary valves come as standard, with the option to add a 3rd, and/or a flow control valve. Front and back Halogen work lights come as standard.

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