The L5040 52HP tractor features independent PTO and fully synchronised mechanical transmission. A rollbar or cabbed version is available alongside a GST model (with cab).


    4-cylinder, turbocharged, with indirect mechanical injection and E-TVCS combustion chamber generates 50,86 HP and 162 Nm of torque. Such a specification guarantees very low fuel consumption and vibration-free running.

    Mechanical shuttle and power steering
    As a standard feature, L5040 is equipped with a mechanical shuttle for efficient operation with a front loader and other tools. Maneuvering a tractor becomes a trifle thanks to factory fitted power steering.

    L5040 offers mechanically engaged 4x4. Kubota’s unique design of the front axle guarantees low turning radius (3,2 m) and continuous transfer of power to front wheels even under load.
    The operator can select one of 16 speeds in both directions, including creep gear useful in vegetable production and in groundcare applications. Available speeds span from 0,2 – 30,3 km/h.

    Double PTO speed
    L5040 is factory equipped with double PTO speed - 540 i 540E. The economy speed of 540E is suited for machines with lower power demand. In this mode, 540 rpm is achieved at lower engine rpm, allowing for a more frugal operation.

    Japanese simplicity
    Kubota L5040 is a multi-task tractor completely manufactured in Japan. All functions are engaged mechanically or hydraulically, so the tractor is free from any advanced electronic circuits, which increases its ruggedness and reliability.

    Wide selection of optional equipment
    Wide selection of optional equipment helps prepare the L5040 for agricultural or various groundcare applications, including lawn mowing, street cleaning and snow removal.



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